Get the Source Code


Clone Onpub from GitHub

Onpub's open-source code is available on GitHub here:

In order to download the latest and greatest source code from GitHub on to your system, first make sure you have Git installed. Downloads for all operating systems are available here:

Once you have Git installed and working on your system, execute the following in a command shell:

git clone git://

The above command will download the latest code in to a new directory called onpub.

Note, if you're planning to contribute changes back to the project, follow GitHub's Fork a Repo instructions instead of executing the command above.

Simply cloning the repo will allow read-only access. This is fine if you just want to follow our latest developments.

Build Onpub with Phing

Now that you've downloaded the source code, you'll now need to "build" Onpub. Since Onpub is written in PHP, there's no code to compile, but Onpub does have external dependencies that must be downloaded in order to make the application fully functional. Luckily this step is fully-automated via our Phing build.xml file.

To download Onpub's dependencies, first make sure you have a working Phing installation on your system. Instructions for how to do this are here:

In addition to Phing, you'll also need the curl command line tool to be in your PATH. The curl command is required to download phpThumb from SourceForge. Mac OS X and Linux generally already have curl installed. cURL for Windows can be downloaded here:

Now that you have the tools installed to build Onpub, execute the following commands in the root of your cloned onpub directory:

phing devdeps

phing clean

The first command will automatically download all external dependencies, unzip, and copy them in to place. The second command deletes the temporary build directory.

This results in a fully functional installation of Onpub that you can use to test whatever latest features we are developing.

To generate a downloadable Onpub .zip file, simply execute the following command in the onpub directory:


The above command will run the default package target. This will result in a file called (where x.y.z is the current version) in the build directory. This zip file is suitable for distribution and is the build target we use ourselves to generate our stable download packages.

Whenever we make a change to our GitHub repo, you can easily download them by running:

git pull

If ever you want to contribute any changes back to the project, feel free to send us a Pull Request.