Onpub 1.6 Released

Onpub CMS version 1.6 has been released.

Here's what's changed since our last release:

  • Fix for multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities (more info here: http://www.vulnerability-lab.com/get_content.php?id=1120). None of the documented exploits should work anymore with this latest version.
  • YUI has been upgraded to the latest stable version.
  • CKEditor has been upgraded to the latest stable version.
  • Changed default management interface width to 1250px to better make use of modern desktop/laptop monitor resolutions.
  • Frontend now includes YUI Responsive Grid CSS classes by default.
  • Frontend now uses HTML 5 doctype instead of HTML 4.01 doctype.
  • Various frontend default CSS tweaks.
  • Fixed frontend responsive image CSS.

Click here to download this latest release. Comment below or file a bug at GitHub to report issues.