Onpub CMS 1.7 Released


A new, stable version of Onpub CMS has been released.

Click here to download Onpub CMS.

Here's a list of some things that have changed in this latest version:

  • Enhanced re-direct logic now detects when an article's section changes.
  • Updated YUI, CKEditor, and phpThumb libraries to their latest stable versions.
  • Made Roboto the default font.
  • Implemented new blog-style default home page.
  • Use the relative protocol for Google Fonts include.
  • Removed api directory from main Onpub repo as this code is now included via Composer.
  • Added support for yui3 Bower component.
  • Started adding Article microdata schema markup to home page articles.
  • Increased default menu font size.
  • Fill all available horizontal space with standalone YUI grid divs.
  • Deprecated and removed a couple of obsolete onpub_conf config variables.

See the full Onpub CMS change history on GitHub for more details on what's new with this release.

The Onpub demo site has also been updated to feature this latest stable release.