Upload a Logo Image File

In order to upload your logo image file, first make sure you followed the steps outlined in Create an Onpub Website. Specifically your site will need to have its Images Directory and Images URL fields set correctly in order for image uploads to work correctly.

Once you've verified that your Onpub website is setup correctly, follow the steps below to upload and apply your logo image file to your website:

  1. In the Onpub Management Interface, mouse-over the Upload menu and click Images

  2. Click the Browse/Choose File button, select your logo image file and click Upload

  3. If the upload was successful, you should see the Onpub Image Editor, pictured below:

  4. In the Onpub Image Editor screen click the link under the Onpub Website heading. This will bring you to the Website Editor screen for your site.
  5. Select your logo image file name from the Logo Image drop-down list and click Save:

That's all there is to it!

From now on the frontend will automatically display your custom logo image instead of just your website name in plain text. You can upload and choose a new logo image at any time you'd like and the frontend will display the new image the next time your site is reloaded in your web browser.