An Onpub Template for Mobile Websites?

I recently took the plunge and purchased a data plan from T-Mobile for my Nokia E51 smart phone. The E51's a great little device, and now with data I basically have an Internet connection wherever I go. I use Opera Mini on my phone to read the news on the bus in the morning. The sites I like the most are the ones optimized for the E51's tiny screen (e.g., Google News).

This got me thinking about mobile website development. I've never actually developed a website optimized for mobile phones. I imagine it would be fairly straightforward given the limited screen real estate of most devices these days, especially non-touch screen phones.

Anyway, long story short, being a CMS developer, should I be writing a frontend for Onpub that is optimized for cell phone resolutions? That way folks would have a tool to help them easily publish a mobile-optimized site, without worrying about the implementation details. How many folks would be interested in using something like this? If so, let me know.