Onpub 1.3.1 Released

A new version of Onpub has been released.

Here's a list of fixes and enhancements:

  • Removed the "Powered by Onpub" link from the frontend.
  • Added new CSS class to highlight Login link.
  • Made default body font slightly darker by default so that it contrasts better with the white background.
  • Removed RSS icon beside What's New section.
  • Renamed "What's New" to "News" by default.
  • Made home page content span whole page width when there are no valid articles for the News listing.
  • Factored out News generation logic in to a new OnpubFrontend method called news().
  • Renamed outputSubSections method to menuSubSections in OnpubFrontend class.
  • Aligned News section Article images to the right instead of the left.
  • Right-align article images in section listings instead of left-aligning.
  • Upgraded bundled YUI version to latest 3.5.1 release.

In addition to the above improvements, the default frontend and management style sheets have an all new, cleaner-looking color scheme and tweaked layouts. Of course the default frontend style sheets are fully customizable and this release maintains backwards compatibility with those who might already have customized their Onpub frontend's CSS.

As usual, download here.