Onpub Google Code Project

In order to further open up development of the Onpub source code, we are announcing the new onpubdev Google Code Project.

Though we've always made the latest Onpub source code available, Google Code has a more accessible and user-friendly interface than SourceForge (our former development project site) and Trac (what we were using in-house for a while). SourceForge and Trac are both nice pieces of software, but we like the simplicity of Google Code.

Our Google Code project site currently offers our users the ability to submit bug reports and to download the very latest Onpub source code from our live Subversion repository. Stable releases of Onpub, as always, will continue to be available directly from Onpub.com.

We hope that this change will encourage our users to submit bug reports and maybe even get involved with helping fix bugs.

Check it out!