Onpub 0.9.12 Released

A new version of Onpub has been released!

Coming only 8 days after our last release, this new version has some great feature enhancements. We've enabled AJAX editing of articles. This means you can now save edits to your articles without a page reload. For long articles this is great because you can now save your edits without losing your cursor position.

We've also added code that will detect unsaved article content changes. When you attempt to navigate away from an article with unsaved changes, you will first be prompted to stay on the page to save your changes. This is a great feature for when you might accidentally click the Back button or some other link on the page and you forgot to save your changes first.

A detailed list of changes in this new version is listed below:

  • Implemented AJAX CKEditor saving for the article editor.
  • Implemented AJAX save status overlay for the article editor.
  • Made the Content editor first on the edit article page.
  • Detect unsaved CKEditor changes and warn user before they navigate away from the page without first saving changes
  • Frontload all YUI CSS in <head> instead of dynamically loading via YUI loader. This improves the rendering performance of the horizontal nav menu.
  • Border radius tweaks. Decreased top and bottom onpub-page margins to 0.25em.
  • Renamed some form field headings and added description to Static Link field to make it more obvious as to what data to enter.
  • Added direct Edit link to frontend section index pages.
  • Tweaked the description of the Visibility check box to make it more clear how it affects the display of sections by the frontend interface.
  • Optimized package script to remove various uneeded YUI and CKEditor dev files to make overall Onpub download size more compact.