Onpub 1.3.2 Released

A new version of Onpub has been released.

Here's a list of changes and enhancements in this latest release:

  • All content types in the management interface now include a direct link to their respective Frontend URLs.
  • Various Frontend-related fields in the management interface have updated descriptions so as to make it more clear what functionality they control/enable.
  • The Frontend URL and Image Uploads URL fields in the Website Editor are now validated for well formed URLs. If the entered URL includes a file name, the file name will be stripped automatically since these fields may only contain absolute URLs with no file names.
  • Added the ability to pass a $sectionID argument to OnpubWSMaps->select() method in order to lookup WSMaps by Section ID.

The Demo Site has already been updated to this latest release. The Demo Site content will be updated in the coming days to demonstrate some of the reasons why we improved the functionality listed above.

Download here.