Announcing the IRFox Project

Update: This project has been discountinued due to lack of interest and resources.

I'm launching a new open-source development project called IRFox (pronounced: Eye-R-Fox). The goal of the project is to write a next-gen Firefox add-on that enables infrared remote-control of web applications running within the upcoming release of Firefox 4.

I want to help enable control of web applications (and perhaps the browser itself) using your favorite remote control device. Wouldn't it be cool if you could control YouTube or Pandora using your TV's remote control? Couch potatoes rejoice!

This project is still in it's infancy. I have posted the preliminary add-on code at the IRFox Google Code project site. This add-on is being developed using Mozilla's new Jetpack SDK. If you're interested in participating in the development of this add-on, check out the aformentioned project site and feel free to join the IRFox Discussion Group.

Watch this blog along with the Google Code site for updates as the project moves along.