Onpub 0.9.10 Released

A new version of Onpub has been released.

The following changes, ehancements, and fixes have been implemented in this latest version:

  • Made H2 and H3 top margins 0 by default. This overrides the YUI CSS for these
  • Changed section listings to a two column layout to compress vertical space
  • Changed the default articleID and sectionID query params to 'a' and 's',
    respectively. This makes for shorter, easier to type URLs.
  • Upgraded YUI to version 3.3.0
  • Fixed H1 style for CKEditor. Now matches Onpub H1 style.
  • Fixed Issue 3. User is now given the option to overwrite existing image files.
  • Added a little horizontal padding to article content column
  • Re-designed Onpub welcome/home page. It is now called Dashboard.
  • Added new optional "onpub_banner.php" include file and CSS class. Useful
    for easily adding ad or other banner code to all pages in an Onpub site.
  • Only show 1 image upload field for now.
  • Added image preview to ImageEditor view
  • Upgraded bundled CKEditor to version version 3.5.2
  • Packaging script includes local copy of YUI lib with various non-crucial
    directories removed to save disk space
  • Removed SESSION based UI settings memory
  • Dashboard now gives the ability to perform fulltext search on Articles

Check out our Onpub demo page to take this latest version for a spin. Or download it now to try it on your own machine.

This latest version is much improved. I've put a bunch of effort in to streamlining the content management interface to make the editing experience even more fast and intuitive.

Comment below or send feedback to info@onpub.com. Or join our mailing list at Google Groups for all Onpub-related questions.