Onpub 1.4 Released

A new version of Onpub has been released. Now with more mobile-friendly goodness!

This latest release of Onpub focuses on making the application mobile-device friendly. For example, the Onpub frontend now automatically adapts its layout to lower resolution screens, such as those on tablets and smartphones. The Onpub menu bar is now touchscreen-friendly as well.

Now that tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices have reached critical mass, this and future releases of Onpub will be targeting full compatibility with all modern touch-enabled computing devices.

We are using "responsive" web design techniques to achieve small-screen compatibility within one frontend code base. CSS media queries allow us to dynamically re-flow the page layout depending on screen width, with no web browser reloads or re-directs.

This means that you don't have to maintain 2 different sites (http://m.pickyoursite.com/ sites are a thing of the past) or even 2 different style sheets in order to support your mobile visitors with Onpub. Everything just works, out-of-the-box, with little to no effort on your behalf.

All you have to do to take advantage of this, is download this latest version and see for yourself. Or load up this site on your smartphone's web browser to see what we are talking about!

Full change log for this new release is below:

  • Added media query support to default frontend stylesheet.
  • Added new viewport meta tag which enables mobile layout to be scaled automatically to devices screen width.
  • Updated bundled YUI release to version 3.7.3 (full IE10 and Windows 8 compatibility).
  • The drop-down menu is now touch-friendly when loaded in a touch-enabled web browser.
  • Set img max-width to 100% by default.
  • Tweaked the management interface welcome page layout.
  • Upgraded bundled CKEditor to latest stable release.

Please report any bugs here.